Terms & Conditions

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Bk-EBDP vendor provides such designer drug as Bk-EBDP ONLY in forensic and research purposes. All of our consumers represent experienced researchers and skilled scientists who know exactly how to handle bk-EBDP.

Our company doesn’t promote using bk-EBDP illegally. We don’t promote bk-EBDP usage as medicine, cosmetics, food additive, etc. Bk-EBDP must not be consumed by animals and humans. 


Our company is not responsible for various results of experiments conducted with bk-EBDP. The substance must be examined more by professional scientific engineers for better understanding its properties. 

Purchasers are fully responsible if it was any kind of damage or lose when bk-EBDP was used in illegal way or inappropriately. Bk-EBDP vendor is not liable for any damage. Bk-EBDP legal status has to be checked before your order is placed. Bk-EBDP vendor is free from responsibility if bk-EBDP is forbidden and illegal in your country. 

Bk-EBDP vendor isn’t engaged in supplying scheduled and illegal research chemicals. 

Purchasers state that they are acknowledged with preventive measures.