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TH-PVP molecular weight: 285.420

TH-PVP formula: C19H27NO

TH-PVP appeared on the market of research chemicals not so long ago. However, it had already become one of the most demanded designer drugs. Consumers prefer using this synthetic drug because its high purity always allows to achieve great and more accurate results. And it could be used instead of amphetamine or cocaine which are scheduled in most countries.

Our company is a reliable TH-PVP vendor in the USA and we work worldwide providing this designer drug with more than 99,7% purity.

TH-PVP is usually sold in the form of crystals as well as in the form of yellow powder.

TH-PVP is a stimulant which promotes stimulation and euphoria. This research chemical was firstly synthesized by ACD/Labs. This company reported some data about this product. It is known that TH-PVP consists of two hydrogen acceptors as well as it doesn’t include any hydrogen donors.

TH-PVP acts similar to such designer drugs as α-PVP and MDPV. If you need to experience effects quite similar to amphetamine as well as cocaine, you can use TH-PVP in your experiments and researches. This research chemical is a stimulant of a short action.The designer drug can produce effects like other research chemicals from monoamine cathinone class

As this research chemical isn’t well-studied yet, it is highly recommended to choose the right dosage. It strongly influences the desirable results you want to achieve. Lots of consumers felt euphoric. Some of them experienced vibrating vision. They were really energetic and talkative. Using TH-PVP allows reaching the increase of tactile sensations. When TH-PVP is taken in heavier dosages people can experience the increase of alertness. Some users admitted that they had a depression. It often happens that consumers have teeth grinding and difficulties with urinating. They can behave aggressively and irritated. 

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About TH-PVP

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