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Called benzodiazepine or known as ben-zoe-dye-AZE-eh-peen and Xana or Xanax, Alprazola is considered one of the most popular designer drugs. It is widely used when it comes to treating panic disorders. 

It often happens that people have nausea after chemotherapy and to get rid of it it’s possible to use Alprazola. It is used for treating hypersomnia.

Thanks to its qualities and great properties this research chemical became one of ten most prescribed medicines in the USA. It is prescribed for patients who suffer from sleeplessness. Alprazola can be a great solution when it is necessary to get rid of phobias. When treating SAD and GAD a lot of attention is paid to using Alprazola. 

Xana acts incredibly fast when it comes to the human body. And it is one more reason why it is so popular among users. This medicine is often prescribed three times a day. The dosage varies from 0,25-0,5 mg to 4 and even 10 mg when treating anxiety and other disorders. 

Xana starts acting in an hour. The effects could last for about 6 hours. 

This substance influences central nervous system. It slows some processes of the brain and it affects body functions.

Alprazola is often taken orally. But users stated that tablets have to be  dissolved in mouth. 

Among the desirable effects such as relaxation and calm. People can also feel depressed mood and confusion. It’s possible to experience hallucinations as well as problems with memory. Users stated that they had increased energy and uncontrolled movements of their body. 

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