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The history of synthesizing U-47700 dates back in 1970s when it was produced AH-7921. At that time this analgesic drug wasn’t so popular. Nowadays its usage became widespread in many countries. One of the reasons for this fact is that U-47700 has become a substitute for morphine. But it worth mentioning that by its action U-47700 is more potent.

This research chemical is involved in the benzamide class. U-47700 for sale is not so habit-forming as morphine which is one more benefit for researchers. U-47700 was manufactured for the first time with the main goal to decrease the pain which have people suffering from operations and injuries as well as cancer.  

This research chemical has some other names. You can find it described as Pink or Pinky.

U-4770 hasn’t been learned yet. It is little known about its features and possible effects. All obtained information was collected thanks to feedbacks and trip reports presented by users who have already experienced U-47700. It is highly recommended to be very accurate with dosage in order to receive desirable results. 

U-47700 are similar to oxycodone by their effects. Consumers, who tested U-47700 in the past, stated that they felt euphoria. People who conducted experiments with U-47700 mentioned that they felt relaxed.

Consumers stop thinking about their pain because it disappeared. They became feeling relaxed and they had slower breathing. One more effects that could be found from trip reports is itching of the skin in some experiences. U-47700 is stronger in comparison with morphine in more than 7 times.

 It could be taken by swallowing, snoring or injecting. U-47700 vendors offer buying this research chemical in the form of powder or tablets.

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About U-47700

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