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Our partner is Hexen is one of leading research chemicals, which is included into the family of stimulant drugs. Hexen is one of cathinones and this is reflected on its features. Users admitted strong feelings of euphoria after they took hexen even in small doses. Consumers stated that they don’t have an appetite or it was greatly reduced. The usage of this stimulant provides stimulation of thoughts and other kinds of stimulation

This research chemical has additional names which you can see in the Internet: N-Ethylhexedrone and NEH.

This stimulant drug appeared on the market of research chemicals six years ago. During last two years it is highly popular among consumers all over the world.

To take such synthetic drug as Hexen users snore or vape it. Most vendors always sell this research chemical in the form of a powder or crystals.

Consumers usually use Hexen with the purpose to reach euphoria. This designer drug starts acting quickly and its duration is quite long. Such research chemical acts like crack-cocaine.

With the help of Hexen consumers experience habit-forming behaviour. They feel anxiety.This synthetic drug initiates compulsive redosing. Hexen may arouse phychosis and paranoid stimulations.

This research chemical operates as a releaser of dopamine which promotes achieving following effects.

There were no researches held for learning all properties of Hexen. That’s why all features are described mainly by users. They describe their experience with this research chemical and dosages which were taken. 

It could be observed that the best effects are reached when taking up to 100 mg of Hexen. It allows to feel euphoria, the increase of energy and stimulation. Increasing dosages consumers experienced the reduction of euphoria. The body began to shake and there were powerful delusions.

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About Hexen

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