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4-MPD is one of the synthetic cathinones. Its molecular mass is 219.32 and IUPAC name is 2-(ethylamino)-1-(p-tolyl)pentan-1-one.

The chemical formula of 4-Methylpentedrone is C13H19NO • HCl.

4-MPD is a research chemical which is included into the category of stimulant drugs. It is one of the cathinones which you can find available in designer drugs online stores. Cathinone represents a stimulant which was found in the plant called khat. 

4-Methylpentedrone is analogous to Pentedrone. It also has similarities with Mephedrone and 4-MeMABP being their higher homologue. Speaking about 4-MPD effects they remind a-php, MDPV. 

Being one of the newest psychoactive sustances, 4-MPD has similar effects to other cathinones. 

You can find 4-MPD in the form of crystal powder.

A lot of information remains unknown about 4-MPD and its effects on humans. However, it is possible to state some 4-Methylpentedrone effects according to users’ experience with this designer drug. 4-MPD effects could be compared with amphetamine and MDMA effects. Users who have already tried 4-MPD admitted energizing effects. Among other possible 4-MPD effects they stated increasing of a heart rate and blood pressure. In case of overdose, 4-MPD effects also include paranoia, anxiety, feeling of depression and problems with sleeping.

4-MPD can be addictive drug like other synthetic cathinones. 4-MPD is not intended for human and/or animal consumption. It is prohibited to use 4-MPD in any illegal way except researches by skilled and professional laboratory workers, scientific engineers and researchers. 

In our online store we supply only official research chemicals which is the first and the main reason to purchase 4-MPD here. 

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